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Journal 6: Make it Your Own

23rd February 2017 | Closed

An Alpha Poem: Rules: each line, sentence, or word must start with the next letter of the alphabet in the standard order. The rules cannot be combined. The Gods’ Choice Almost every day it happened. Beginning with the weather. Clouds rolled overhead. Darkness filled the sky, the world. Everything seemed to slow down in anticipation. […]

Journal 5: Patchwork World

15th February 2017 | Closed

This is the world we wanted. The paints of the sky and land, Creating a masterpiece few, if any, can recreate. After all, the sky flashes, the great sea yearns into mountains or sea or sky. The vastness of this world unattainable Or broken. Broken by change. Summer afternoons you look at me Like I […]

Journal 4: Line it up!

10th February 2017 | Closed

1. The Cows stand under the trees in the wet grass, lifting their necks to pull the leaves down. We slow the truck, pull over to the side of the road to watch them. How graceful they look, how unlike themselves. We get out and lean on the fence. The cows don’t seem to notice […]

Journal 3: Tornado

3rd February 2017 | Closed

1. The sky was darker than Smoke from a fire. Swirling Like cream in black coffee. We were like sitting ducks Waiting for something that May or may not come, almost Like awaiting a snowstorm. But this was different, Another kind of storm like another Ice cream flavor. Yet people kept moving as if They […]

Journal Two: Love in Different Ways

26th January 2017 | Closed

Here in the Barnes and Noble there is The silence of reading minds, Until I get lost in the adult romance aisle among mothers Where love has similar effects as a dose of cocaine. It’s a feeling like when a dog sees a treat, And it wants to bury their bone in the ground for safekeeping. […]

Journal One Words ~ Personal Universe

24th January 2017 | Closed

Taste: Iron, Coco, Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Acai, Airy, Sweet, Tart, Stale, Decadent, Fresh, Light Touch: Platinum, Silver, Cold, Solid, Firm, Book, Antique, Vegetation, Fur, Sensation, Caress, Silk, Vinyl, Smooth, Glass Smell: Clear, Cologne, Musk, Mint, Petrol, Spritz, Fresh, Breeze, Linen, Mountain, Snow, Leaves, Burn, Bookstore, Perfume Hearing: Birdsong, Trill, Aria, Robin, Hymn, Artist, Bard, […]