Journal 6: Make it Your Own

An Alpha Poem:

Rules: each line, sentence, or word must start with the next letter of the alphabet in the standard order. The rules cannot be combined.

The Gods’ Choice

Almost every day it happened.
Beginning with the weather.
Clouds rolled overhead.
Darkness filled the sky, the world.
Everything seemed to slow down in anticipation.
Few enjoyed what was soon to come.
Gods would come down to the earth.
Heaven bored them.
Instead, they chose to mess with us.
Joking like we were pests.
Killing us sometimes for sport.
Lightning declared their presence.
Men and women would appear after each smoldering strike upon the ground.
None of them looked completely human.
Onyx-filled eyes lingered, scanning each of us.
Prepare to run, our mother would always whisper.
Quick, you had to be quick, but even then, they were faster.
Running was the best and worst option.
Suddenly, a pair of eyes landed on me.
Tingles of fear ran throughout my body.
Underneath my exterior, my soul was already flying away.
Viduus had chosen me.
Whatever happened next, I might not remember.
Xenophilia is what he was known for.
You wouldn’t know based on the myths.
Zelus couldn’t save me now.

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