Journal Two: Love in Different Ways

Here in the Barnes and Noble there is
The silence of reading minds,
Until I get lost in the adult romance aisle among mothers
Where love has similar effects as a dose of cocaine.
It’s a feeling like when a dog sees a treat,
And it wants to bury their bone in the ground for safekeeping.
Who knew this could be such a controversial topic?
I stayed up all night binge-watching it.
I want it to be a universal truth.
I wish everyone was able to be happy forever,
Like when an otter finds their perfect rock
Instead of veganic sprouted ancient maize flakes.
It’s been a hella long time
Since I’ve heard updates on new biopharmaceuticals,
Because cocaine doesn’t have the same effects as love.
Why do we even care?
The bikes are covered with cobwebs and dust,
My aunt doesn’t use them,
Being the couch potato she is.
I can’t stop thinking,
My head is a silent mess of thoughts:
Cake, bed, a friend.
Chris Evans would’t want
them to let go of their favorite stone.
Go on!

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