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Journal Two: Love in Different Ways

26th January 2017 | Closed

Here in the Barnes and Noble there is The silence of reading minds, Until I get lost in the adult romance aisle among mothers Where love has similar effects as a dose of cocaine. It’s a feeling like when a dog sees a treat, And it wants to bury their bone in the ground for safekeeping. […]

Journal One Words ~ Personal Universe

24th January 2017 | Closed

Taste: Iron, Coco, Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Acai, Airy, Sweet, Tart, Stale, Decadent, Fresh, Light Touch: Platinum, Silver, Cold, Solid, Firm, Book, Antique, Vegetation, Fur, Sensation, Caress, Silk, Vinyl, Smooth, Glass Smell: Clear, Cologne, Musk, Mint, Petrol, Spritz, Fresh, Breeze, Linen, Mountain, Snow, Leaves, Burn, Bookstore, Perfume Hearing: Birdsong, Trill, Aria, Robin, Hymn, Artist, Bard, […]